Our monitoring solution keeps a constant eye on your server software and hardware using our own unique combination of technologies. We measure server accessibility and performance from multiple locations, and alert you in real-time to issues that are, or will, effect your servers performance.

Reputation alerts for all IP addresses
Ensure your IP addresses aren’t blacklisted

Alerts for expiring SSL certificates
Get reminders of your SSL certificates expiring

Alerts for expiring Domain names
Get reminders of your domain names expiring

Patching of the OS
Automatic updates have a risk that they will cause an outage. We prefer to manually update systems to allow us to jump on any problems that may occur.
Monitoring of all external ports
Every minute (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

Daily system health check
We’ll check all the common (& uncommon) resource levels of your server (disk space, memory, etc.)

RAID monitoring
You have multiple disks in your server but has one already died?

Hardware sensors check
Check voltages, temperatures and fans. Only required for physical servers, not required for VPS servers

Daily rootkit checks
Detecting rootkits that may have infected your system

Notifications of trending issues
We keep our ear to the ground regarding trending attacks and will advise workarounds until official patches can be released

Tuning of your existing software
Making sure common applications defaults have been changed to the correct levels for your system.

Software alerts
We will let you know if any of the software on your server needs updating

Password checks
We’ll tell you if a user has used an insecure password

Includes an hour of support per month
Retained hours can be added to any package at a discounted rate from our normal price

Immediate exception tracking of unusual logs
Entries are then manually checked for issues